Small REEF ROCK  – Perfect for aquariums 190 Ltr or less, the Small REEF ROCK pieces can range from 10 cm up to 20 cm at the longest distance.

Medium REEF ROCK  – The most common size, Medium REEF ROCK ranges from 20 cm up to 25 cm at its longest point and is great for tanks from 150 Ltr to 450 Ltr.

Large REEF ROCK  – Pieces range from 25 cm or greater and we suggest using Large REEF ROCK in tanks that are 340 Ltr or larger.

How Much Rock Do I Need?

The traditional amount is 500g per 4Ltr, but depending on your display tanks dimensions you may want an extra rock or two to ensure you have enough to complete your aquarium aquascape. Ultimately, the best results will be given if you can support each rock structure entirely with the foundation rock while providing space for flow between the rocks. We have found that selecting a few different sizes allows for multiple options when it comes to having more creative freedom when aquascaping.

Shipping: All rock can be fragile. We make every effort to securely pack any type of rock. However, we have no control how the rocks will be handled and it may break during shipping. Unfortunately, this is not covered by us and are unable to replace broken pieces.

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We highly recommend curing all REEF ROCK before being introduced into an established aquarium. 

REEF ROCK is 100% free of nuisance algae and pests which can cause complete tank shut downs and is guaranteed to be free of apitasia, bubble algae, parasitic isopods, mantis shrimp, acro eating flat worms, little red bugs, fire worms, predatory nudibranchs, pyramidellid snails and other common pests. These Dry Live Rocks comes in unique shapes that fit well together to make interesting and unique structures.